Aspiration and Drainage

Draining and aspiration procedures are ubiquitous in healthcare, particularly in rheumatology, interventional radiology, but also several procedures in general medicine. With a conventional syringe and needle hub, there is a conflict between the need for a firm connection and the need for disconnection from the needle. Inadvertently dislodging sharp medical needles can cause internal tissue injury during each disconnection. The same needle is used for both aspiration AND often injection of medication into the empty target.

The nature of aspirations is to reduce the volume of fluid (e.g. a cyst) to practically zero, often before injecting medication into the same target. The optimal way of doing this is by keeping the needle tip in the same position during syringe disconnection, in order to inject medication into the relevant tissue. However, disconnecting friction fit (and luer locked) needles is challenging. It can take a wizard to combine non-touch of the critical aseptic hub and syringe tip AND prevent the needle bevel from dislodging away from the relevant injection target.

By keeping a steady and firm grip on the distal part of the needle hub during aspiration, LuerJack provides a unique one-handed ‘Click and Release’ solution which enables precise disconnection power with limited movement of the needle bevel. The improved needle control is highly beneficial during procedures such as drainage/aspiration, Seldinger technique and when performing re-injections after a drainage.

LuerJack increases the distance between the healthcare professional’s hand and the needle’s connection point, reducing the risk of unintentional cross-contamination by touching critical parts –  supporting an aseptic non-touch technique. The LuerJack syringe also supports a safe one-handed, aseptic disposal of all lengths of needles during and after the procedure.

LuerJack’s one-handed disconnection prevents the healthcare professional from breaching aseptic areas, providing optimal patient safety. Targeted re-injection through the same needle and improved specimen (bacteria culture, microscopy etc.)  from the aspirated fluid may be further benefits from superior aseptic technique and the potential avoidance of internal tissue damage throughout the procedure.

Key benefits: One-handed – Reduced infection risk – Improved needle control – Precise Disconnection Power – All lengths of needles – Sterile-non sterile

Click on video below to watch an aseptic drainage procedure with injections using LuerJack

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