Rheumatology with ultrasound

The use of ultrasound claims to enhance diagnosis and clinical outcomes during treatment. After identifying the cyst or joint space, the clinician first withdraws excessive fluid. If necessary, the clinician must disconnect from the needle to empty the syringe and re-connect to the same needle in a repetitive manner before all fluid has been drained from the structure – before finally often injecting medication into the emptied space.

Both intra-articular haemmorhage and contamination of specimen (fluid sent for bacterial culture laboratory analysis, microscopy etc.) are unwanted events that may be reduced by less needle movement during the syringe manipulation. Manual needle disconnection from the syringe involves the risk of both dislodging the needle tip from its last confirmed position, as well as contaminating critical aseptic Key-Parts of the procedure, i.e. the needle hub and syringe tip.

With simultaneous use of ultrasound guidance, using LuerJack for aspirations and injections through the same needle enables confirmation that the needle has not dislodged out of the injection target during needle disconnection. Identifying the needle with ultrasound, as well as keeping the probe fixed on the needle tip throughout the procedure, may ensure minimal tissue damage and safeguards against missing the target for the re-injection, which is made into the already void structure.

With LuerJack, the clinician can work alone – independently, professionally and with superior aseptic technique – keeping the ultrasound probe focused on its target throughout the critical disconnections of the needle. With the unique one-handed ‘Click and Release’ function, the needle is controllably released from the syringe, and the subsequent reconnection of a syringe can be performed with a stabilizing technique using both hands to prevent the needle from dislodging from the last confirmed position inside the tissue.

Key benefits: One-handed – Reduced infection risk – Improved needle control – Precise Disconnection Power – All lengths of needles – Sterile-non sterile

Click on video below to watch a rheumatologist perform joint aspirations and injections using LuerJack

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