Regional Anaesthesia

Ultrasound is a paramount element of regional nerve anaesthesia, often used in combination with nerve stimulation to confirm needle tip proximity to the nerve and vascular structures. Identifying the needle with ultrasound is crucial, as well as keeping the probe fixed on the needle tip throughout the procedure. A nerve stimulation needle can damage a nerve and cause irreperable damage.

After identifying the nerve, the anaesthetist injects the anaesthetic around the nerve to achieve the nerve block. This typical takes several injections, with a varying amount of anaesthetic. Holding the ultrasound probe focused on the needle tip is paramount during the procedure. Simultaneously refilling the syringe with a strictly aseptic technique is challenging with one hand, if not impossible. Therefore, most anaesthesists require assistance from a colleague nurse to refill the syringe and continue the injection.

With LuerJack, the anaesthesist can work alone – independently, professionally and with superior aseptic technique – always keeping the ultrasound probe focused on its target throughout the procedure, with intermittent aseptic syringe refilling operations. With the unique one-handed ‘Click and Release’ function, the non-aseptic vials do not represent a risk of inadvertently contaminating other aseptic parts of the procedure. No breach of the “sterile field”, with reduced risk of aseptic error. One-handed operation and independence.

Key benefits: One-handed – Sterile-non sterile – Reduced infection risk – Improved needle control – Precise Disconnection Power

Click on video below to watch a regional nerve block procedure using LuerJack

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