Medication preparation and injection

Due to human factors and natural variance in dexterity, the handling of small medical equipment puts the healthcare professional at risk of touching – and thereby contaminating – critical aseptic surfaces of the equipment, such as the syringe tip and hub of a needle. Several studies document a high percentage (6%-12%) of all injections being contaminated when injected into the patient.

LuerJack’s unique one-handed ‘Click and Release’ disconnection technique keeps the hand of the healthcare professional far from the critical aseptic parts of the syringe and needle hub, reducing both the risk of accidental contamination and needle stick injuries by 50%. The distance between a healthcare professional’s hand and critical parts also reduces the risk of skin contact with hazardous substances (e.g. chemotherapy agents), which significantly improves the personal protection for the healthcare professionals.

With LuerJack, all lengths of needles can be used and the needle can be disposed of directly into the sharp safety container immediately after extraction from the skin, using only one hand. The syringe tip remains aseptic after disposal of the needle. This is unique.

Key benefits: One-handed – Reduced infection risk – Reduced risk of needle stick – Personal protection – All lengths of needles

Click on below videos for examples of medication preparation and injection procedures using LuerJack

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