Central vascular access

Central venous access devices (CVC, PICC-lines, VAP, needle free access devices) are used on patients with chronic diseases and a high risk of infectious complications, such as bloodstream infections. Reducing the risk of injection contamination reduces need for antibiotics, improves clinical outcome and reduces the overall healthcare costs.

LuerJack’s enables a one-handed safe, quick and easy disconnection from needles and spikes, reducing both the risk of contamination and needle stick injury by 50%. Its precise disconnection power (PDP) simply supports the healthcare professional to perform an aseptic non-touch technique.

LuerJack’s one-handed disconnection enables a “surgically scrubbed” healthcare professional to e.g. fill medication from a non-sterile vial with a reduced risk of aseptic error. Avoiding breach of the “sterile barrier” in healthcare settings is a substantial challenge. The core of the challenge; device design, packaging design, human factors and variance in dexterity. More manipulation and smaller devices lead to higher risk of breaching the aseptic barrier.

Key benefits: Reduced infection risk – One-handed – Precise Disconnection Power – Personal protection – Sterile-non sterile

Click on videos below for examples of central venous access procedures using LuerJack

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