luer-jack syringe

Unique one-handed syringe

Safety for patients and healthcare professionals

LuerJack reduces the risk of contaminating injections by 46% compared to using a conventional syringe

LuerJack reduces the risk of needlestick injuries by 50% compared to using a conventional syringe with safety needle

LuerJack is beneficial during

Rheumatology with ultrasound

When using ultrasound guidance it is key to ensure that the needle does not dislodge.

Using LuerJack simultaneously during aspirations and injections enables clinical confirmation that the needle has not dislodged out of the injection target during needle disconnection.

LuerJack is beneficial during

Aspiration and Drainage

Draining and aspiration using a needle attached to a syringe represents risk of contaminating aseptic injections and dislodging.

LuerJack provides superior usability advantages, preventing dislodging of the sharp needle, aseptic and patient safe injections and optimal work flow.

LuerJack is beneficial during

Medication preparation and injection

Despite good intentions of maintaining an aseptic technique, literature shows that injections into patients are too often contaminated.

LuerJack one-handed disconnection keeps the hand of the operator far from critical sterile parts, cutting contamination by half.

LuerJack is beneficial during

Central vascular access

Central venous access devices are used on patients with chronic diseases and often compromised immune system – with a high risk of bloodstream infections.

LuerJack enables a safe, quick and easy disconnection reducing the risk of transmitting pathogens to the injected medication.

LuerJack is beneficial during

Regional Anaesthesia

Distal nerve blocks are made using ultrasound. Medication is often performed by a nurse colleague – refilled from non-sterile vials.

LuerJack provides independency from assistance, with superior aseptic technique and simultaneous use of ultrasound throughout the procedure.

LuerJack is beneficial during

Epidural and spinal

During epidural and spinal blocks, the anaesthetic is always drawn into the syringe from a non-sterile vial or ampoule – most often requiring assistance from a colleague to hold the vial.

Using LuerJack, non-sterile vials do not act a risk of inadvertently contaminating aseptic parts during medication preparation.

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